Jennifer and June is a clothing brand that knows what little girls want because it was started by a little girl - our daughter, June.  We created this company to teach June the value of imagination and hard work, while aiming to design comfortable, unique dresses that were reasonably-priced for the boutique market.

We began by drawing dresses at our farmhouse together.  June would pick the styles she liked best and, once sewn, she would tell us which ones were her favorite based on fit, design and comfort. We shipped a small batch of dresses to Amazon to build her store. 

In less than a year, our pink dress was in the Top 100 for Special Occasion Dresses for Girls, as well as "Amazon's Choice" for "Twirl Dress" and "Tutu Dress."  

Our family was busier than expected with June's boutique dresses, and we finally made the decision to start our own store to interact directly with our customers and create a wider variety of designs.

Welcome to our store, where our dresses are designed and shipped directly to you.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch in the "Contact Us" section of our site.  We also hope you will follow our latest trends and tales on Instragram and Facebook.