As a parent, I’m always in search of unique books for bedtime stories. In our house, it doesn’t matter if you are busy or tired, the bedtime story is a ritual that we’ve kept long before our little girl even understood the words.

At age seven, our bedtime ritual has changed with the advent of June learning to read on her own. Sometimes I read the book and sometimes she reads it to me. One of my favorite parts of maintaining our longstanding ritual has been watching her transform from a listener to the reader herself. I can see my little girl grow through books, and as she grows, so does our book collection.

After years of reading children’s books, we’ve compiled a list of some of our modern favorites, as well as some of the classics that have withstood the test of time.

When I was a little girl, I adored my copy of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein. Today, one of my greatest pleasures is to see my little girl laugh at the same poems that I loved as a child. For a brief moment, we are the same two children, decades apart.

Reading binds people together. It transcends generations when an old book is seen with young eyes. It lets you go on a journey with your child to “Where the Wild Things Are” or learn together how to keep trying after your greatest failures, as told in “Rosie Revere, Engineer.”

The following books are our favorite bedtime stories that we wanted to share with you in hopes you may treasure them in your own home. This is a living list of books that we plan to keep growing, just as our children continue to grow from listeners to readers.

Please feel free to add your own recommendations in the “Comments” section. We are always in search of a new adventure and we’d love to share it with you.

1. Where the Wild Things Are.

Maurice Sendak

2. Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Shel Silverstein

3. A Beginner's Guide to Bear Spotting.

Michelle Robinson and David Roberts

4. The Butter Battle Book.

Dr. Seuss

5. What Do You Do With an Idea?

Kobi Yamada

6. Goodnight Moon.

Margaret Wise Brown

7. How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

Jane Yolen

8. The Velveteen Rabbit.

Margery Williams

9. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

Charlie Mackesy

10. Dragons Love Tacos.

Adam Rubin

11. Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel.

Adam Rubin

12. A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars.

Seth Fishman

13. Llama Llama Red Pajama.

Anna Dewdney

14. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth.

Oliver Jeffers

15. The Lorax.

Dr. Seuss

16. The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Eric Carle

17. Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss

18. The Book of Mistakes.

Corrina Luyken

19. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Mo Williams

20. The Day the Crayons Quit.

Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

21. The Day the Crayons Came Home.

Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

22. A Child of Books.

Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

23. Julian is a Mermaid.

Jessica Love

24. Weeheehee: A Collection of Pretty Funny Jokes and Pictures.

The WeeSociety

25. Rosie Revere, Engineer.

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

26. What Do You Do With a Chance?

Kobi Yamada

27. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

Francesca Favilli and Elena Cavallo

28. The Story of Ferdinand.

Munro Leaf

29. A Light in the Attic.

Shel Silverstein

30. One.

Kathryn Otoshi

31. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

32. Charlotte's Web.

E.B. White

33. The Cat in the Hat.

Dr. Seuss

34. Grace for President.

Kelly DiPucchio

35. The Sneetches.

Dr. Seuss

36. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type.

Doreen Cronin

37. Corduroy.

Don Freeman

38. The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh.

A. A. Milne

39. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez.

Andrea Beaty

40. Guess How Much I Love You.

Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram

41. Maybe: A Story About the Endless Potential in All of Us.

Kobi Yamada

42. Ada Twist, Scientist.

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

43. Black Beauty.

Anna Sewell

44. James and the Giant Peach.

Roald Dahl

45. Green Eggs and Ham.

Dr. Seuss

46. The Giving Tree.

Shel Silverstein

47. I Am Enough.

Grace Byers

48. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Roald Dahl

49. Stellaluna.

Janell Cannon

50. Peter Pan.

J.M. Barrie