Farmhouse Living: New Year, New Beginnings at Jennifer and June.

While many people kick off January by celebrating the New Year, the goats on our farm celebrate by eating the old Christmas tree. We have invented a new tradition with our goats, named Root Beard and Blackjack.

We’ve also invented a new way of doing business at Jennifer and June in the New Year.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working to sell direct to our customers through our website. It has been a challenge to find enough space in our farmhouse to warehouse our items (we took our walk-up attic and transformed it into a full warehouse). We also have been working on our website capabilities so that we can take orders and we can direct ship to you.

We have learned a lot in our first year through selling exclusively on Amazon. Their platform allowed us to take our pencil drawing of a pink dress and turn it into a top seller on their site.

But, as wonderful as our first year has been, we want more interaction with our customers. We are a boutique brand and we enjoy knowing who you are, what products you like best and where we can do better.

In the coming months, we’ll be transitioning many of our items from our Amazon store to our website. Many of our items will still be available on Amazon in the future, but our website will offer exclusive designs and more interaction with customers.

Welcome to our farmhouse design space and developing store! This is the place that we draw all of our designs and test them before deciding whether to sell them on the market. (Yes, we’ve done everything from throwing paint on tulle to see how it washes out, to “How far can you run in that dress?” to see if it is comfortable for active girls.)

We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we enjoy having you on our farm with us. Follow us on Instagram @jennifer_and_june or visit our Facebook page as we roll our more designs in 2020.


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Photography Courtesy of Jen Trapnell.

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