The Knock-Off Sellers: A Plea to Support Independent Designers and Small Businesses.

Today, as we post our newest design, I want to write a message to encourage people to shop small businesses and to avoid purchasing knock-off designs.

We have been designing dresses for three years now. My greatest horror is the moment when I post a new design. After spending a year getting the fit and design perfect, an overseas seller will purchase it, copy the basic design, chop off the head on our photo and make a flimsier version at 30-40 percent off our price. The knock-off seller did none of the work in bringing this product to market and, to be very honest, they don’t even knock it off well.

When you see the Jennifer and June brand, please know we tested this item on real children for fit and comfort. We do not use cheap fabrics to increase our profit. We do not put half-slips underneath to save on fabric. And we know why a dress twirls well because we have tested the length and fit repeatedly to get it perfect.

We are a trademarked brand and these designs are our own. They are drawn from scratch and sewn many times to achieve a beautiful, durable dress for toddler girls to wear longer than one photo shoot. They are the dress that your toddler can put on for a tea party, a wedding, a princess dress-up or their birthday.

Our first dress became a bestseller on Amazon and often frequents the Top 100 in toddler girl dresses. It has been knocked off by two different sellers who make cheap versions and directly compete against our company. We cannot do anything about it without expensive litigation except appeal to the consumer.

Please support small businesses. We are the driving force behind new ideas, creativity and quality. We talk with you directly if you have a concern. We are proud of our products and don’t look at them for profit alone. These designs are our art.

I am putting this dress here for a reason. I want our customers to follow the knock-off process and decide if you want to be a part of it. Today is the first day we have released it to the public. Please watch this design get copied in the next few months by knock-off sellers to the point where we can’t compete in cost with our own design. Then ask yourself, “How can I be a part of the change?”

If there is no change, independent designers will be rare, if not extinct. You will be limited to cheap dresses that were made at minimal cost and the creativity will be forgotten.

I want to live in a world where new ideas can thrive, without those ideas being stolen by cheap knock-off sellers.

Please join us in this goal by supporting any small business, from Etsy sellers to home designers, to ensure we maintain a diverse world of design and foster creativity in years to come.

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Photography Courtesy of Jen Trapnell.

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