I have always loved dresses. I have the twirl of the fancy ones, the colors of the bright ones and the ease of putting something on and not having to match it with anything. Dresses, unlike most fashion pieces, match themselves.

When I was a new mom, I wanted to be able to give my little girl every pretty dress that I saw in stores. But if you’re reading this, you probably already know that children are expensive creatures. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average cost of raising a child to age eighteen was $233,610 in 2019. And, that’s just their expenses.

Given this reality, I made a point as a new mom to buy my little girl one new fancy toddler dress every month. And in this endeavor, I found there was a vast difference in price, quality and design. Yes, there are gorgeous fashion lines out there for little girls in the boutique realm. And if you can afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a few dresses, you are living a fortunate life.

For the rest of us, it’s a matter of choosing where you put your time, energy and money. I didn’t want to worry with every expensive toddler dress that my little girl would ruin it with stains, that it would collapse in the wash or that they would outgrow it after a few wears. I wanted it to be something that lasted awhile, while also being creative and stylish. The unique toddler dresses that met my criteria were few and far between.

Many fashionable toddler girl dresses exist for a single photo, soon after to be beaten up or folded away as a keepsake. I believe gorgeous dresses should be a lifestyle and I wanted to make dresses where little girls could live their best life in them.

Our Jennifer and June dresses were created with the desire to find a middle ground for parents that want to put their little girl in gorgeous gowns, but also live an active lifestyle. This means a real life. It means your little girl can run in our gowns, roll the grass in them, take a nap in them and wake up looking like a princess.

We didn’t just draw our designs with one staged photo in mind. We drew them with you in mind.

Our brand caters to the parent who hopes the dress makes it through the wash a few times and can last beyond a few wears. We use comfortable fabric that stretches, so you don’t have to beg your child to put it on or replace it every time your little girl grows a few inches. We design our dresses ourselves and they are made with specific quality standards in mind. (Please don’t buy knock-offs. You’re not getting the same quality or fit, while also taking away from those who spent countless months developing the design.)

We know these are difficult social, emotional and economic times to raise a child. Many of you are apart from your extended family and many parents are spending every hour of their day with their child due to social distancing and closures. We’re here to help make that time a little brighter, creative and easier to manage.

In the coming months, we’ll not only be adding more designs, but we’ll be adding more to our blog to help parents cope with children being at home for extended periods of time. From helpful toddler book lists to free activities, we’ll be making the best of this challenging period in our nation.

Join the challenge with us.

We’re in this together and we can get through this in style.

-Jennifer, Founder and Designer for Jennifer and June

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