The Aria Princess Crown has a fresh, branched design to make it both bold and unique.  The center gemstone cements the design, while tiny crystals are woven into a tree-themed shape for a boho appeal.  This crown works as an amazing gift for a little girl, or as a crown for weddings, dress-up, photography or birthday parties.        


About Our Crowns


Our princess crowns are the perfect accessory to pair with our toddler girl twirl dresses.  The rhinestone crystals add a pop of sparkle to our designs, while providing a majestic touch for photographs and special occasions. 


Traditionally worn by a monarch or deity, a crown symbolizes power, victory, honor and glory. In art, crowns can be seen as accessories worn by angels. The striking appeal of these fashionable headpieces makes them as versatile as their history in culture. 


Our crowns can be gently bent inward to fit a little girl, while also expanding to fit an adult woman.  They can be worn without bobby pins as a crown headband.  For more intricate hairstyles, such as wrapping around a bun, we recommend heavyweight bobby pins to hold in place. 


Our crowns pair perfectly with our toddler girl dress gowns for princess dress-up, birthdays, weddings or photo shoots.  



Aria Gold Princess Crown